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long time - Stoic heart with an empathetic resemblence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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long time [Jan. 10th, 2007|01:34 pm]
[I'm Feeling |contemplativecontemplative]
[Listening to |Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep]

here i am. at my apt. again.
i'm just listening to an amazing song, and it made me think about things.
yes i have been an asshole at times never thinking before i say things, but some of those things needed to be said. at the same time all those things were said through the darkness. because no one really knew what was going on at the time and it just hurts, so natural reaction is just to run from it thus creating this silence to the situation never finding the true hell it really was. evenutally you lose time and forget about all of it. yet i can't seem to figure out why things happen or why they happened. even more so why i let go and why i am letting go. the song really made me think about how you can become so wrapped into the situation that you become a stranger to all you used to know it's sad and numbing at the same time. it's an escape. it's the silence yet again. but you've ran sooo much you just don't care. so i leave it with a verse from the song.

silence is not the way
we need to talk about it
if heaven is on the way
we'll wrap the world around it