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....... [Sep. 20th, 2008|08:53 pm]
ah so it's been a while since i last wrote on here.
well what and where is my life exactly....
short answer... in transition.
right now i work pretty much all the time it wears me out and i get tired often and easily but hey i'm making some money so working is just exercise to me.
i have been trying to start my college funding back up again, i haven't started on that because i get side tracked buying clothes, and all the gizmos and gadgets that i couldn't afford in the past year because i was paying for school
so i feel that i have earned everything i buy for myself maybe a tad bit wasteful of the cash but hey you only live once i might as well enjoy it.
I finally bought the car i have wanted for like years..... a fully loaded Saturn Sky Redline Turbo. 5spd manual.... mmmm i love it.
it's red, it spoils me and i love it.
it's odd because the car is the complete opposite of me and of itself.
1. i'm not flashy.... i am a rather modest/frugal person when it comes to money.
2. it's a saturn.... saturns aren't flashy cars.... but this one is a screamer.

on the bad side of things, my Pawpaw is not doing well, he is on the long yet short road to see the lord God almighty and our savior Jesus Christ.... i am really going to miss him. he is always in my thoughts and always will be, and i can't wait to see him when we meet again. he is the greateast grandfather anyone could ever have and i am losing a great part of my life when he finally leaves.:( but i know he will be watching over me and blessing everyone moment of my life.

other things in my life that are scary is reaationships..... i can't find one.... can't keep one and am utterly lost and alone as far as that aspect of my life goes. it seems everyone i know has someone but me. oh the days are long and hard the way i live my life.... but i keep telling myself that it is going to get better. i'll start school in the spring of 2009 if not, then for surely in the fall of 2009, i haven't decided on if i want to go to columbia state or make the move to murfreesboro to MTSU and finish up there. All i know is I am not going to be working on that assembly line for the rest of my life. this is my opportunity to get ahead.
i have a full time well paying job and i will be able to support myself as i go to school at the same time, it's almost other worldly to me, i love the fact that i have been given this opportunity to push myself forward.

well that is all for now, i am going to sign off and relax for the weekend i have a long day on sunday with things that i need to take care of.